my stroke

18th May 2015 at 4:29 pm


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On 11th January 2013, whilst at home my right arm became limp. I called the out of hours surgery and I was told to go to North Devon District Hospital to be investigated.

I attended the Hospital who investigated whether I had suffered a tia

By the time I arrived at the hospital my symptoms had improved significantly and the doctors decided that it was not a tia   but gave me aspirin and discharged me home.

Two days later13/01/2013 I again experienced a limpness in my right arm and also pins and needles.

I returned to the hospital although by the time I arrived the symptoms had improved although they were still present when was examined.

The doctor decided to keep me in overnight to investigate further By carrying out a Doppler scan. Unfortunately the scanner was not available until Friday 18th.

On Friday the 18th and as a result of the scan, on 22nd January I was seen by Dr.. Dent who referred me to the vascular surgeon Mr, John Taylor.

Mr. Taylor told me that my carotid artery was 60% blocked and would need an operation known as an Endarterectomy to remove plaque. He stated that was a simple operation under a local anaesthetic and would take 20 minutes.

He further stated that if this operation was not carried out within 7 dates of a tia it was likely that I would suffer major stroke.

When asked if they were alternative treatments such as medication or stenting he stated that medication would not be affective and he ccould not carry out a stent as he was not qualified to do so and referral or second opinion was not possible.

When asked how successful this operation was Mr Taylor stated that he had a 100% success rate he stated he had never lost a patient or caused a stroke. He never offered any evidence to corroborate this statement or told me where it could be found.

It is now over 2 years later I no longer have any use in my right arm from which i unlikely to recovery and have to be aware that my right side is weak